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March 29, 2006


Scott Freeman

Just a little added information. TVW, Washington States Public Affairs Network, has been webcasting live and archiving all of the legislative deliberations in Washington state since 1996 (including the WA State Supreme Court). We have accumulated nearly 50,000hrs of deliberations available from our site @ The Podcasts, added this year have been a huge success and have added another medium for making the publics business in WA State accessible.

marc pease

After reading the article on Cameras in the Legislature (3/29/06) about the forty-five states that enjoy some means of citizens access to legislative coverage there could be some upcoming questions.
How will the cable TV - telco industry legislation and possible rewrite of telecommunications laws and associated technical activity change this carriage when many of these C-SPAN like services are supported/funded by the cable TV operators and state legilstures themselves ? In a scenario of a leveling of the telecommunication playing field could currently proposed federal legislation reduce carriage and/or funding for these state legislative services and channels ?
If a telco competitive provider of cable services doesn't wish to support these type channels and public information services at the same level as the incumbant cable provider currently does , will there be reductions in the carriage of the state and local democratic process ? Some locales have even supported state networks on local government channels and capacities under local franchise agreements and even C-SPAN began someof its early carriage using capacity franchised at the local level in many parts of the U.S.. If national franchising were to take place would the same level of state legislative carriage continue in a competitive marketplace , at what cost , under what technical, administrative and funding resources ?

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