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December 11, 2006


Sandwich Repairman

A couple months ago, I posted my suggestions for increasing voter turnout at

When he was in the US Senate, Paul Wellstone introduced legislation that would have required states to enact same-day voter registration like his own Minnesota had done.

Kristin Joy Netemeyer

This is an assignment. I needed information on EDR, Thank You. I now understand that 7 states have enacted election day registration (sometimes called same day registration), allows voters to register right up until the time they vote. Three of the states Maine, Minnesota, and Wisconsin enacted these laws in the 1970's as part of the general movement for civil right and greater enfranchisement. Idaho, New Hampton, and Wyoming, though, passed their EDR laws in response to motor vote: a provision of that law allows states to opt out of providing registration at drivers licence and motor vehicle registration bureaus if they have EDR. At best this provision can increase voter turnout by about 3-4%. EDR is particularly popular with young people increases youth voting by 14%.

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