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February 20, 2007


Brandi Rock

I write to you as a concerned, scientifically educated, young women. I am concerned about the government stepping in to require that all girls be vaccinated with the HPV vaccine Garadsil. It is NOT the responsibility of the Government to issue such a mandate. It is the responsibility of the Science community, doctors, nurses, and medical professionals to educate all women about this vaccine and allow each women the OPTION of receiving this vaccine. I personally have taken it upon myself to become educated on the Garadsil vaccine and have made my own decision to receive or not to receive this vaccine. This discussion in the government should stop immediately! No legislature has the right to mandate a young women be vaccinated for HPV! Thank you.

Robert McKee

The recent attempt by lobbyists of Big Pharma to the States encouraging them to mandate an unnecessary vaccine is so blatantly hypocritical and corrupt it's almost laughable. To the state government officials pretending to care about my children: Thanks, but no thanks. If you need a campaign contribution, why don't you just ask the voters?


Having someone very close to me currently battling HPV I feel I have the moral authority to have a valid opinion. I feel that if the government wants to regulate/mandate a vaccine to a virus that is spread through lifestyle choices, the correct way is not to make the vaccine mandatory, but to make the vaccine more accessable.

HPV is not like the chicken pox or pink eye. One contracts the virus through personal choices. Having access and the ability to decide to be vaccinated should be left to the individual, not a government mandate. Besides, the vaccine only protects against 4 out of 60+ strains...

Mr. Larry Gregory

Many facts about HPV need to be addressed to enable the public to understand this virus. 1. The virus is very contagious. Having a sexual contact even one time will transfer the virus. 2. The transmission is not limited to sexual contact. The virus can be spread via vertical (Mother to child) and digital (Fingers). 3. The body cancers associated with HPV are not limited to cervical. Other body areas that are almost entirely HPV are vulvar, penile, anal, and many head and neck cancers. 4. When HPV is in the presence of Epstein-Barr, other body cancers are common. Nasal cavity and bladder cancer are two common additional areas. 5. HPV is also associated with some breast cancers -less than 10%. 6. Brain tumors have been found in children often before the age of three. 7. HPV is contagious all of the time unlike some herpes viruses. The HPV creates lesions of the skin even with the subclinical-invisible high risk strains- which allows other viruses to enter. HIV, for example, is difficult to transmit—but not the least bit difficult when an HPV infection is present. 8. One of every four women in the United States will have an hysterectomy some time in their life due primarily to fibroids. But, the second leading cause is the HPV induced cancer being present. Cervix removal, LEEP and conization has reduced the number of hysterectomies due to HPV. 9. The vaccine is a prophylatic vaccine and not a therapeutic vaccine. Young girls can be protected. An issue that many doctors do not want to discuss is that sexual predators have a very good chance of carrying the high risk strains. It is a proven fact that an older male with a younger female-under 17- have a greater chance of developing cancer before the age of 30. Sexual offenders can not be cured. Their action may be partally affected by their HPV infection. 10. HPV is affected by other viruses, diet, soaps, vitamins and hormones. 11. A self test is available that should be a sign to see a doctor. A self test of a girl touching her own cervix with her own finger without pain, is one such test. A self test with vinegar or iodine on a skin infection are capable of detecting invisible HPV infections and the later of a cancer development. A pap smear does not detect HPV only the signs that will lead to carcinoma-in-situ.12. HPV does create warts and cysts that may not be painful to touch and can be invisible. HPV cysts can create a bad smell when the skin of lystic (cell death) is exposed to the open air. 13. HPV is one of the leading causes of facial disfigurements with partial and total tongue, lip, tonsil and larnyx removal. 14. HPV is a cause of cancer in lymph nodes (under the arms) and some organs including the larnyx, bladder (about 20% of the time), nasal cavity, ear and other organs. 15. HPV in the presence of melanoma skin cancer creates a very dangereous situation for an even more rapid metasis to other body locations.

You can request a copy of a book called---"Are You at Risk for Cancer from HPV?" from your neighborhood library.

Elizabeth Metcalf

I am all for making the vaccination mandatory. I am a 20 year old woman who was diagnosed with High risk HPV right after graduation. It has turned my life upside down. Like many other I didn't know about HPV till it was too late. The vaccine won't help me now, but it could help other girls. The truth is there are alot more kids that are sexually active these days and don't know or even think about the risks. I have a 2 year old step daughter and if it is not made mandatory by the time she gets that age she will get the shot. Her grandmother had it and her father suffers from side effects so it could be heredity. If it means saving a life to take three small shots I am all for it.

Amy Towle

I am writing this comment as a concerned mother and teacher. I was very upset about this vaccination. I do not think that this should be mandated by the government. It should be ones choice to have it. I think this also gives our children another excuse to have sex. We should be teaching them about purity and how special it is to wait until they are married to have intercourse not giving them reasons to have it. I have my children in a Christian school because I want them to know what is right. If they choose to do the wrong thing there is a consequence. We have made it to easy for our children to have sexual acts because we keep giving them ways to help their consequences. I love my children dearly and my students, but I am fearful at what they have to grow up in.

chrystal monroe

1. No way is it good idea to mandate how our lives is to be run. Would you want someone you dont know from adam to have the right to make you do and not do things???What if they're thoughts on life dont correspond with yours?

2. With the subject the first lady mentioned, to mandate "information"
to be sent out to the public is only right, we should know every possible piece of information on any and all vaccines, but not threw a "Public School"! especially a childrens school! If I understand correctly the U.S. Postal service is still running and works. There are too many adverse side effects to many of these vaccines to put a mandate on them, example all the thousands to hundred of thousands of individuals that died and have an irreversable health issue from taking a vaccine much like the one discussed here, and usually a worse overall health statis for the rest of they're lives, than before they took it. There are still many avenues to inform individuals (Adults), lets at least try to approach or try those other avenues before mandating someone puting something into "Their or our" body. IM also very much in agreement with Mrs. Amy Towle. Theres too much as it stands now for childern to get away with being involved in issues and creating serious problems for themselves, we dont need to add to that!


Thanks for the information...I bookmarked your site, and I appreciate your time and effort to make your blog a success!

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