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May 23, 2008



Funny blog post. Reminded me of the "girls" at the OK State Capitol who had selected members for the unofficial "Hot Caucus." Senator Andrew Rice, a freshman from Oklahoma City was their chosen "leader." One day the very unassuming senator asked one of my friends about the Hot Caucus. Story, even as she tells it, is that she blushed and gasped when he asked. Not the coolest Capitol behavior.

Maybe The Thicket should sponsor a nationwide competition like they have on some sports talk shows. Take nominations and then invite lawmakers and staffers across the country to choose the hottest male and female legislator.

Meagan Dorsch

HA! What type of response did OK's unofficial contest get? I have only checked the Elected Hotties website three time, but traffic seems to be picking up. Maybe it's all of this blogging that is getting people to check out the site.

Tracy Gamble

Even at risk of outing myself as a fun-killer: If you think of state government as an industry, you have to also think about its "brand" -- and how do young, internet-savvy citizens view that brand? I bet for the most part the answer is "stuffy and uninteresting". This is light-hearted and funny without being tasteless or mean. I think it's a great way to get people looking at elected officials as human beings, in a positive and casual light.

I just hope we don't find out down the road that it is a partisan or advocacy effort, or astroturfing. :(

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