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May 10, 2011


Emmett O'Connell

I'd think it would be more common in the western states, with mountains. Carson City, NV maybe?

Karl Kurtz

Good question, Emmett. I checked with Bob Erickson and Lorne Malkiewich in Carson City, who tell me that there are nice views from Nevada's Legislative Building of Job's Peak and Job's sister to the South in California.

I had only thought of looking West from the Legislative Building and knew that there were mountains between Carson City and Lake Tahoe, so I didn't consider that possibility.

Emmett's comment raises other possibilities: Can you see Mt. St. Helens (in Washington) from the capitol in Salem or Mt. Hood (in Oregon) from the dome in Olympia?

ned schneier

From the top of the Corning Tower in Albany you can see the Bershire mountains in Massachusetts, and possibly-- on a really cleaar day-- in Connecticut and/or Vermont.
ned schneier

Account Deleted

I have to concur with most of ned schneier's assessment. When I was working in the NYS Senate I saw from the top floors of the Capitol the Berkshires in MA. As for VT, I saw territory and terrain that could well have been VT. Not as sure about CT though would not doubt it.


On clear days, one can see the White Mountains in New Hampshire from Augusta, Maine's state capitol.

Karl Kurtz

A note from John Phelps in Tallahassee: "It is legend around here that on a clear winter day one can see Georgia from the top of the Capitol. I am unaware that anyone has taken the time to verify this fact but it seems fair to assume it is true. I can personally attest to having seen the Gulf on such a day when looking South and it is a slightly shorter distance North to the Georgia line."

Ramona Kenady Line

On clear days from the top of the Capitol in Salem, Oregon one can see Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Rainer and Mt. Adams all in the state of Washington.

Tan Bulut

Can see some mountains from Augusta, Maine. Turned out to be White Mountains in New Hampshire.

Patrick Sheridan

Florida actually has one of the tallest capitol buildings (345 ft.), so I wouldn't be surprised if you could see Georgia from the capitol.

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