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May 05, 2006


Tim Storey

I know it is peculiar to comment on one's own post, but I received an e-mail asking for clarification of the phrase "longest serving leader," and the e-mail made an excellent point. I should have said the longest serving leaders who have held their positions "without interruption." In terms of total years with the same leadership title, Illinois Speaker Michael Madigan has been Speaker of the Illinois House for 21 years--since 1983. His total time in the Speaker's job is second only to Tennessee Speaker of the Senate John Wilder's 36 years in his position. Speaker Madigan's stint as Speaker was interrupted when Republicans controlled the Illinois House for a two year interregnum in the 1990s. In terms of continuous time in the same leadership position, Maryland Senator Mike Miller assumes the number two spot once the Indiana Senators officially leave legislative service at the end of this year. Speaker Madigan is second in total years in the same leadership post although not consecutively. It's a subtle but important distinction.

Thom Little

Great article- If I am not mistaken, Terry Spense, Speaker of the Delaware House of Representatives was elected to taht post at the same time Milelr was elected to prside over the Maryland Senate.

Brian Harris

Any one know where we might find a list of the nation's longest serving state legislators? Right behind our own Lt. Governor John Wilder certainly must be revered state senator Douglas Henry, elected in 1970?

Karl Kurtz

See my post, for the longest serving legislators.

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