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May 18, 2006


Alfred Speer


I have not read this one; received as a gift from the author: "Capitol Offense" by Hill Kemp; Best of East Texas Publishers, 2003;
ISBN # 1-978096-70-2




I don't think we've ever met, but Yen Lew was my uncle. Your little story about him brings a smile to my face--my uncle was a voracious reader, and I think he really would have enjoyed that.



I'm just catching up on some of the blogging, but here is a book that was published recently abouta murder/mystery in the Indiana General Assembly: The description is taken from:

Mike Abrams, a former legislative staffer and lobbyist for the Indiana State Medical Association, has written Lethal Remedy, a book set in the Indiana General Assembly. A quick look at the plot: "The brutal slaying of state representative Roger Steppe looks like the boilerplate handiwork of the drug thugs that work the seedy neighborhood he lives in during the Indiana legislative session. When Elizabeth Ralston, a young attorney from a Southern Indiana town along the Ohio River, is elected to take his place, she learns the horrifying truth: legislation pending before the House of Representatives appears to have been the motive for Steppe’s murder. Ralston befriends a rookie lobbyist and, together, they become the object of the stalker’s attention. Indiana state police investigators work to solve the crime, but the killer’s obsession with the legislation transforms into an obsession with Elizabeth. She fights to maintain her honor, her objectivity, and her life, as the killer becomes increasingly determined to use his newfound ability to murder to resolve his own demons."

Karl Kurtz

Thanks for that contribution, Graig. I'll order the book.

Laura Bauman

Hi Karl - As I was just getting ready to inform you about Mike Abram's book "Lethal Remedy" I see that somebody beat me to it. Mike was a good friend who worked for the Indiana House of Reps back in the 80's, and then left to lobby for the Indiana State Medical Association. He now lives in Des Moines. He always wanted to write a murder mystery and his many years here at the statehouse made him think it would be the perfect setting. The murders that take place revolve around medical malpractice legislation. I'm eagerly awaiting its arrival.

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