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April 09, 2007


Alan Greenblatt

One former legislator comes to mind in this category -- John Leopold, who served in the Hawaii and Maryland legislatures but was recently elected to county office in the latter state.


Karl, North Carolina's greatest export is State legislators. In addition to Peggy Wilson and David Balmer, former North Carolina State Representative Richard Chalk now serves in the South Carolina House and is now running for South Carolina Senate

Chalk also served in the NC Senate, so if he wins his race for SC Senate he will have served in BOTH chambers in BOTH states.

All three of our exports served together in the 1989 Session! Balmer was in the NC House 1989-94, Wilson in the NC House 1989-94, Chalk in the NC House 1985-1988 and in the NC Senate 1989-90.

Also, North Carolina State Representative Tricia Cotham's first cousin is Bryan Kaenrath, who is the youngest member of the Maine House of Representatives.
Cotham is 28 and is the youngest member of the NC House.

Karl Kurtz

Is there something in the water in Raleigh, Gerry?


oops, slightly wrong info, it's not Representative Cotham's brother, but her first cousin who is in the Maine House, and its not Bryan Kaenrath, but Emily Cain who is the second youngest member of the Maine House at age 26. Serves me trusting newspaper stories.


I've posted the NC connections on my blog:

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