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April 23, 2007



I would say making voters more informed is probably more valuable than increasing the quantity of voters.


James kester

Absentee Voting? I can personally attest,
from previous experience, from the Executive Offices in Pennsylvania, that it matters!

To set the tone, as a weekend family caregiver, I commuted weekly to my state capitol 3.75 hrs. most Monday mornings, then returned home 3.75 hrs. most Fridays.

Briefly, in November 2000, I executed, and
successfully cast my absentee ballot for the election.

To highlight the process in Pa.. I called my
county office of elections, requested an
absentee ballot application 2 months prior to the election.
When not received the following week, I again called, from my capitol office. The week thereafter, I got the "application" in the mail. I executed the "application", mailed it, and the following week got the ballot.
I executed the ballot, and mailed it, sometime during the next week. Now that is
FOUR WEEKS .64 postage, and two telephone calls.
Remember though, having a telephone or wireless device is not a requirement of voting in my municipality.

However, technically I used state assets to
cast my absentee ballot, since I used a
state phone to call my home county and
complain about not getting my "application".

Here's the juice, on election day, after
returning to the capitol the day before,
I was dispatched back to my home county for
state business. Of course, the requirement
is for me to cast my ballot in person.
I went to the polls, asked the poll interviewer, a fellow committee person for my absentee ballot, as I explained my circumstance.

He searched the pouch, and found no absentee
ballot for me.

That was hands down the best .64 I ever ever spent. What a country, I'll never go back to


Posted by: James kester | May 02, 2007 at 06:16 AM

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