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April 20, 2007



It is clear that the federal government is both unwilling and unable to large degrees to address the illegal immigration issue, although in the past half year, it is clear that efforts to round up and detain illegals has been stepped up quite a bit in many locales. However, the problem is still a large one and with an amnesty bill clearly in the works, which ultimately means an additional 40-60 million foreigners on our soil(remember they can bring in family members), it is clear that something needs to be done to reign in the feds who CLEARLY do not have the best interests of this nation at heart. That something is a NATIONAL CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION as authorized under Article V of the Constitution. An effort is now underwway to call for such a Convention. The ultimate aim of this Convention, as envisioned, will be the dismantlement of the federal government in its present configuration, and then reassemblement at the regional level--in short, the creation of autonomous regional government. See links below for more info:


And I hope I made myself CLEAR. :)

Titania Jones

It would certainly help if presidential candidate Hilary Clinton didn't have Raul Yzaguirre the 30 year veteran of La Raza as a campaign manager. She flies around to towns where there are sanctuary cities, and promises them financially irresponsible things such as universal health care, universal preschool.

I do not agree with your sentiments Mr.Wyatt. I can't believe you have the gumption to use the word "congress", in a sentence, when you are describing immigration laws.

There is a dramatically clear partisan divide, which isn't ever going to translate into a supermajority like we (immigration activists) had hoped last year.

Opportunists trying to get the hispanic vote and liberal sympathies are very unruly and hard to deal with.

At the end of the day, after all the hemming and hawing, they want an amnesty, then talk about reform, which has never been the intentions of grasping greedy illegal immigrants. In five years they will be clamouring for another amnesty. They were doing that after we just gave them one the last time. It wasn't even a few years past the last huge amnesty that went by, before advocates brought out the Dream Act, and licenses for illegals.

I hope people are getting real on this, because if they are not, then they really aren't looking at the situation in the state legislatures which are roadblocked in states like California, where cheap labour,(which often times isn't cheap at all), kind of rules around here.

The Fed has done way more than the states are able to. I believe this is due to the Immigration reform caucus, which is 99% Republican. If you don't believe me look at the voting records.

Democrats consistently vote for chain migration, amnesties, the Dream Act, etc...
If they leaned towards a supermajority and stopped for a moment to think of the American people, then they'd stop being opportunists. Not likely.

Democratic wangling, puts pressure on Republican presidential hopefuls, in the middle not wanting to isolate themselves from either their party or the Hispanic vote.

I really really like Duncan Hunter, who has an A ranking in immigration in favor of protecting Americans, but the press simply aren't going to give him the attention he deserves, and so he's not well known really outside loose networks of Republican circles.I"ve had a few Democrat friends take an interest in him, but well, the hispanic vote and the established status quo of unions who hire undocumented workers seasonally, like I said kind of rules here, at least where I am. People say they are hard workers. fine. I don't disagree with that. It's the fact that we have one million family reunification members we give visa's to every year. You ought to get a work pool out of those figures, without reasorting to what we have here which is essentially mob rule, and a whole lot of kids and mom's who have displaced our low income American mom's off of child care subsidies, so they can work.

This is a two income state, and people can't afford to pay child care and buy a house, so they just aren't having children, or really weighing their options as a couple as to division of labor, and if it's cheaper for mom to stay at home, then pay child care.

Hispanic advocates don't appreciate that at all, the fact that we have made enormous sacrifices for them already, they simply want more, and without hefty tax increases, which Democrats are constantly pulling behind voters backs to fund their grand jolly expanded government.

The most we can hope for realistically is Mitt Romney, who has a pretty good outlook on immigration issues.

Titania Jones

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