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May 24, 2007



First of all, an otherwise coherent argument is difficult to take seriously when the Vice President of the United States has his name misspelled. Secondly, it doesn't make sense for contributors to try to buy the loyalty of someone who got elected without them, it makes sense for special interests to provide the essential financial backing to candidates that they like before they enter office. Money isn't subverting legislators, it's subverting the democratic process itself. Dollars are media buys, media buys are votes. This probably wasn't the argument Pogue was making (I'll go back and read that), but succesfully refuting any causal link between contributions and a legislator's actions once in office doesn't refute the argument that campaign money influences legislatures.

Karl Kurtz

Oops! Thanks for catching the misspelling of our vice president's name. I have corrected it in the original text. At least I didn't refer to President Busch.


Thank you for bringing such nice posts. Your blog is always fascinating to read.

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