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June 05, 2007



I still wish they would do so without copyrighting what amounts usually to nothing more then, well, someone else's moving around and talking.

Terry Martin

I would hope that any citizen in any state who fancies themselves a leader, would take the time to become engaged in launching their own state version of C-SPAN, or help the existing effort.

Here in Illinois, the Illinois Channel has worked for four and a half years at covering issues that matter. No Scott Peterson, Paris Hilton, or any other meaningless celebrities make it on our coverage. We cover events merely because they're important. Shouldn't someone?

But all along, we've struggled just to survive financially. And I do wonder, when we are a nation at war, when we are asking young men and women to risk their lives, and the families of our servicemen to risk the most precious thing in this world -- their loved one -- how is it possible that any of us can still question whether we should invest in democracy at home?

Whether its privately funded or publicly funded, fund an effort in your state. It is NOT money down the drain. To those who are financial conservatives I would ask, "Are you better off NOT being able to watch how legislators spend public funds?" To those who consider themselves liberals, I ask "Are you working to improve the environment of open government?"

Our Capitols have visitors galleries. When they were built -- most in the last century -- that is all the builders could offer as an expression that the people have a right to watch their government in action. But today -- in the so-called "information age" we can use television to extend the Visitors Gallery to boardrooms, classrooms and living rooms across our state.

Let's do it. Get involved. Make history.

Terry Martin
Illinois Channel
Executive Director


To "Mr. Martin":

Is all that seemingly gratuitous clipart necessary?


Careful what you wish for. The public may not want to see how the sausage is made.


Here is the link regarding the sausage that I was refering to. Members of the Alabama State Senate punching one another.


I do definately feel that we citizens of any state havea right to know how our legislature is spending our money and what commitments on our behalf. Yes, my friends it is time for accountability once again. Barack Obama mentioned that he would put his debate on healthcare on c-span so all could see. It is time to see what debates take place and what is on the agenda of our elected officials. We need to get behind open government local, state, and federal. It is time. An interested citizen in Ma. GMbobbi

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