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September 24, 2007



Kansas does have a database (named legislators past and present) of its legislators going back to territorial days. It becomes more and more complete as family members of previous legislators help us fill in the blanks. It can be found at

Suzie Johnston, Library Director

The Louisiana House of Representatives has begun to compile the membership of the House from statehood (1812) to the present, with notations for party, race, and gender. This information is presented by parish and is available at:

A Little to the Right

I think it would be funny if these databases could be created online in a website set up like Facebook. Legislators could be listed as each others' "friends" and coalitions could be listed as groups. All pictures of them could be tagged - could be especially amusing for states with crazy politicians i.e. Louisiana (where I am) and Texas.

Shirley Dallas

Washington State has a publication that has been scanned about past Legislators but does not have a database. It has no biographical information but it does have a wealth of info about the Legislature as a whole.

Here is the URL for the publication:

State of Washington Members of the Legislature

Perhaps coincidentally. we got a call two weeks ago because there was a large scale corruption of names in the publication. Laurie Fortier worked closely with staff to make the corrections using our historical collection to verify proper spellings!

Shirley Dallas
Washington State Library

Teresa Wilt

Nevada has a searchable database, "Nevada Legislators, 1861-Current." It may be found on our website at

Marilyn Johnson

Add ND to the list; our territorial to

present day legislators can be found

from the Legislative Assembly's home

page http://www.legis.

Susan Zavacky

Several years ago, PA began an exhaustive project to periodically publish volumes listing every PA legislator from 1682 to present day. Edited by scholars based at Temple University, the third volume was most recently published, covering the period 1757 to 1775. Series name: Lawmaking and Legislators in Pennsylvania: a biographical dictionary.

Alice Hobson

Kentucky is developing a database of biographical information on its state legislators, from the first General Assembly in 1792 to present day. The plan is to include information not only about legislative service but also about other positions that legislators held at the international, federal, state, and local levels.

Due to the lack of historical records, there is sometimes little information available on early legislators. Tracing legislators through census data, libraries, historical societies, and genealogical societies takes time, but it can pay off.

The database may be available on the Kentucky Legislative Research Commission's Web page sometime in 2008.

Many interesting people have served in the Kentucky legislature, including former governors, authors, and federal and state officials. For example, one legislator, George Shannon, was a member of the famed Lewis & Clark expedition from 1803-1806. After the expedition, he studied law and won a seat in the Kentucky House of Representatives in 1820.

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