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October 26, 2007



Thanks so much, Karl. And, no less than Joe Hallett, senior editor at the Columbus Dispatch and a fellow panelist at the AAPC's academic outreach three weeks ago told me that indeed, I do write like a talk! So there. :)

Now, you know I love this blog, so I hope you don't mind if I offer one correction:

I didn't exactly write I plan "to challenge the rule by seeking credentials for herself in the future." I do plan to investigate the, um - elasticity of the rules, shall we say? Which, I suspect, will have more to do with the elasticity of the legislators and the current OLCA members.

I know that, realistically, the likelihood of my being in the statehouse reporting more than a few times a year is quite low. But I believe that bloggers - certainly not all, but some - could very, very aptly assist in coverage.

This is a huge, diverse state. We have a large, diverse blogosphere. There's a lot of unhappiness with our state legislature.

The chairman of a committee agreed that he screwed up and now has to go back and fix a law that he himself says he must not have followed closely enough.

Seems to me that the officials could stand to be followed more closely then. And bloggers - who, at their best, see things in that hyperlocal way we all talk about - could really, really be an asset.

At least - that's what I think, obviously. :)

As for me getting credentialed - let me put it this way: if I were able to help design a system of credentialing for bloggers that I felt would serve Ohio residents and news consumers well, and I didn't get credentialed, that would just have to be okay.

Then - I'd figure out way to meet the requirements. :)

I'm not exactly Rodney Dangerfield (I think it was him) when it comes to, "I don't want to belong to a club that would have me in it."

Thanks again for finding my post on this subject - now THAT'S impressive!


Karl - according to a comment left at Wide Open, ePluribusMedia requested credentials from the OLCA on 9/21. I'm making some contact with ePluribus to see what's up. I wasn't familiar with them before they left the comment.

Karl Kurtz

Thanks for the updates, Jill. Sorry to misconstrue your plans to get press credentials. That quote about clubs is from Groucho Marx, not Rodney Dangerfield.


Hi Karl -

Thanks for the correction on Dangerfield - I never have been able to watch all of Caddyshack - not really my style.

Also - I bet you've seen it but the demise of the Wide Open blog isn't exactly NCSL fare, but it does have to do with the co-existence of political blogging and newspaper blogs written by political reporters. It would be interesting, over time, to learn how candidates and elected officials do or do not treat these two groups differently, and under which circumstances.

Poynter and Editor & Publisher probably did the best coverage, I think.

Poynter is here:

E&P is here:

I can't remember if typepad will take links.

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