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November 05, 2008


Don Dresser

That is interesting. How are you defining "legislative chamber" here? Does this apply worldwide, or only within the US? I presume that you are not including city councils (because, 1. I suspect there has been at least one city council with a majority of women before now, and 2. I bet there is no good source of data to tell whether or not some city council has had a majority of women) but am not certain about county commissions, or other such bodies.

Katie Ziegler

Thank you, Don, for your question. I should have specified that the New Hampshire Senate is the first state legislative chamber with a majority of female members. You're right, we don't have the data to compare this with other governing bodies, such as city councils, but it would be interesting to know!

Karl Kurtz

And looking at parliaments around the world (at just the national, not the subnational, level) Rwanda's lower house is the only one that currently has a female majority (56%). Sweden comes close with 47%. See


Hello, I came across this piece and it's quite interesting. I'm doing a story for my High School Newspaper and if you wouldn't mind could it be possible if I gave you an interview. I can be reached at [email protected] Thanks

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