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December 16, 2008



Republicans did briefly hold a 27-25 majority in the Mississippi Senate after the 2006 election and held for about a year, I think, before the Democrats took control again.

The Thicket

Thanks for the comment, Marco. However, our records, which are post-election to post-election and sometimes don't capture party switches or special elections, show the Democrats never dropping below 27 seats in the 52-member Mississippi Senate. Like the Louisiana House today, the Democrats maintain a nominal majority in the Mississippi Senate under the leadership of a Republican lieutenant governor. Both Republicans and Democrats hold committee chairmanships in that chamber.


Well, what about after the 2006 election? I'm looking at the NCSL StateVote 2006 page that shows a 27-25 Republican edge in the MS Senate, and the NCSL 2007 election post-mortem that says Democrats regained control of the state Senate from the GOP in November 2007. See also this news article ( and Wikipedia (

Love your blog, by the way. It's an excellent resource.

The Thicket

OK, Marco, we stand corrected. Once again, though, all of this Mississippi activity was between elections, which, in our time series of data on state legislative elections, we don't track.

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