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January 27, 2009



Don't really see how this is much worse than committee chairs setting their own agenda, which grants them the same power to kill a bill in the crib. i suppose introducing the bill gives it more legs than not introducing it, but if the end result is the same, so what?

The Thicket

I received the following comment from Gary Moncrief in response to Doug's comment:

"Doug is of course correct that committees in other states (at least those states that do not require all bills to be reported out) ultimately can winnow bills as well. But that's not really my point in highlighting the process. By returning RS's to sponsors without printing the bill, some issues are less likely to be discussed or even reported. It also makes the Idaho system look more lenient than it is; occasionally one will see measures of bills passed as a percentage of total bills introduced. Idaho always shows up on those charts as having passed over 50% of the bills introduced--one of the highest passage rates in the country. But, if we measure bills passed as a percentage of RSs brought to the committee for introduction, the passage rate drops considerably."

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