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March 10, 2009



What is wrong with year round school????
Summer vacation is sort of a thing of the past is it not???

Why not make school year round instead?

Most people work 5 days a week, 48-50 weeks/year.

Shorter days would be helpful for parents
who work, and students who have difficulty
with attention in afternoon classes from
attention problems.

The facilities can be open year round,
and might even help climate change due
to modified usage. Energy can be saved
year round. Not just in summer months.

The cildren of America

The children will rebel if we make school year round. Did you ever think of that?

Blog Team

The focus of this podcast was not on year round school calendars, but rather four day school weeks. And I'm not quite sure what you mean by children rebelling. Could you explain?

The cildren of America

You should also consider the fact that you won't have a break from the childern annoying you 24/7.

A balance school year.

It's not how long or how many days of school that matters. What matters is how much are they learning given the time they spend at school. Too much time at school is bad and too little is not good either. A balance school year where kids can actually stay focus would be good.

Breta Nunez

to me it doesnt matter how long they go to school, as long as the kids get their education needed to live a good life. Education is needed in this country to keep kids out of trouble in this country.

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