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April 23, 2009


Dave Rausch

Texas has more members of Congress (34 including U.S. Senators) than members of the Texas Senate (31).

Karl Kurtz

Thanks for that correction about Texas, Dave. But Texas, of course, does not have term limits. In fact, I think it is a case in point that the absence of term limits means less incentive for members of the Legislature to run for Congress. Texas ranks #36 among the states with 38 percent of its congressional delegation having previously served in the legislature.

Karl Kurtz

Yet another correction: A reader notes that Michigan also has six year limits in the House and eight in the Senate. The reader is correct, and I have changed the original posting to substitute "Michigan" for "Florida" (which has eight year limits in each chamber). The original text read “Second, along with Arkansas and Florida, California has the most restrictive of all term limits: six years in the Assembly and eight in the Senate and a lifetime ban on any further legislative service."

Someday I will learn to look up my facts rather than spouting them off the top of my head.

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