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July 02, 2009



I don't know how easy it is to find a parking place in Montpelier, but it is *very* easy to find one in Phoenix. Other than the day of one rally (5000+ strong), I've always been able to park at the Capitol itself or across the street at public parking in the Wesley Bolin Plaza.

Just park in the lot west of the Executive Tower, and walk over to the House and Senate. Better yet, cut through the Tower (you'll have to go through security to do that) and visit the Capitol Museum in the old Capitol Building before hitting the legislature.

It's air conditioned, something that matters if the visit is any time between April and November. :)

Karl Kurtz

What Tim didn't say is that this is a bit of a trick question. When they think about the population of cities, most people think in terms of the metropolitan area, not the city population. Including metropolitan area, Atlanta is number one with 5.1 million people, Boston #2 with 4.5 million, and Phoenix third with 4 million. Montpelier, which doesn't have a greater metropolitan area, is still the smallest. See

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