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October 09, 2009


John Guthrie

Marshall's gentle kindness under fire was a great example for us all. His family and associates are in our thoughts and prayers.

Larry Barish

Well said Tim. Marshall was one of those unique individuals who made a lasting impression on everyone he met. He participated in numerous NCSL Redistricting sessions over the years with knowledge, humor and grace and invariably was able to call on questioners by name and state. This was all the more remarkable when you consider that NCSL was only one of his "clients". He was also a valued resource for Congress, governors and local officials. He will not be soon forgotten.

Larry Barish

Jeff Wice

I could say Marshall "launched" my career as a redistricter. I first visited with him in 1978, trying to figure out how the new NY State Assembly leadership would deal with the 1980 census and redistricting. I never thought that initial meeting would lead to my career as a redistricting attorney and law school professor.

Marshall was my friend and a mentor, often watching "my back" when several 1980s NCSL task force debates got a bit too testy. We worked together at the state and national level. He was one of those most extraordinary dedicated public servants who never advanced any personal agendas, but who served the American people well.

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