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October 07, 2009


John Thacker

"Like the U.S., Canada has a decennial census, but in our neighbor to the North no Supreme Court has ruled that there is a constitutional guarantee of one-person-one-vote that evens out legislative representation every 10 years. "

Actually, that's not entirely the problem. They have a guarantee of one-person-one-vote, but they *also* have a guarantee that no province can have fewer MPs than they have senators, and no province can have fewer MPs than they did in 1867 (or since in 1982).

Seats are apportioned according to one-person-one-vote out of a pool of 279 seats, and then all the provinces that would lose seats by that calculation-- which is everywhere but Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia ( gets extra grandfathered seats.

The result *guarantees* that the provinces that have lagged in population growth will be overrepresented.

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