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February 03, 2010



It is a shame that so many in the profession regard the mere acknowledgement or discussion of wrongful convictions as a threat to the integrity of the system that must be squelched. State bar association were for years opposed to even teaching classes about wrongful convictions in law schools. It would seem that this cover-up mentality hurts the profession's integrity far more than showing the public you know there is an epidemic and you are working hard to correct it. They need to start with the number one cause of wrongful convictions, namely the lack of accountability of judges and prosecutors who cause them. Prosecutors are almost never disciplined for willful fabrications of evidence, dubious and unsupported charging decisions, etc. Prior to the Duke lacrosse case, only twice in 40 years had North Carolina disciplined a prosecutor for abuse within the judicial process itself. Until prosecutors are held accountable, the rash of wrongful convictions will only get worse.

The Team

Great piece Ms. Lyons. I just learned about The Thicket via Gritsforbreakfast.

Kevin, your comment is priceless. Please consider re-posting it on the PROJECT: Not Guilty Forum as a Solution. It is a breath of fresh air to hear someone state where the problem lies. Rogue cops only get away with false arrest when Rogue ADAs are willing to indict and when Rogue Judges knowingly and willingly allow it we get wrongful convictions. Thanks.

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