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June 11, 2010


Karl Kurtz

What a great idea to post this, Pam! I didn't know that the Minnesota Legislative Research Library had put the video up online. I was involved in the production of this video and haven't seen it for years. It wears well. The First Branch of Government was NCSL's first effort to improve public understanding and appreciation of state legislatures. It debuted at NCSL's Annual Meeting in Detroit in 1976.

K Hanson

This is a fantastic documentary! I particularly enjoyed the legislator's comments about the "good quality of North Dakota legislators" and that "both states would benefit if he went over there." Those two states haven't always seen eye to eye, but it's fun to see that comraderie across state lines. Thanks for sharing!


This is fantastic-- a lost treasure, indeed. I'll be using it in my classes in the fall (although I will have to explain what a rotary phone is). Thanks!

Rachel Eggert

Can someone type transpict or subtitle for deaf people like myself? Its great video and now I know what my work was back in 1970's! Martin Sabo look so familiar. Technology like Laptops and accessible for disablities wasn't a thing during that era but lot have changed at Minnesota State Legislature. Not many people are wearing striped jackets at the Capitol nowdays.

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