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August 26, 2010



In 2007, when I was a legislative reporter a Salt Lake City daily, the Utah House enacted a rule that all credentialed media had to wear "business attire," in particular no jeans, to come onto the floor. It was primarily in response to cameramen coming onto the floor in their typically cameramen wear: jeans or shorts and t-shirts.

I don't think the rule lasted very long. Personally, I responded by wearing jeans every day and growing my beard as long and hair as shaggy as possible during the remaining 30+ days of the session, and never got hassled by the S-A-A. Most other media people, many of which already dressed professionally but did wear jeans some of the time, basically ignored the rule, as well.

Karl Kurtz

Josh, I've never quite understood why it's such a badge of honor for cameramen and photographers to look as scruffy as possible. The more formal the setting, the more insistent they seem to be to look out of place.

Speaking of Utah legislative dress, I remember visiting the Senate floor one Friday 10 years or so ago and noticing that virtually all of the male senators were wearing camel hair sport coats. When I asked Lane Beatty, the Senate president at the time, about it, he laughed and said that that the members had established a camel hair Friday tradition.

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