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November 05, 2010


Mart Martin

I disagree that "women lost ground in congress." Women will occupy the same number of seats in the new 112th congress as they held in the 111th: Senate 17, House 74. (76 'different' women served in the 111th: 2 arrived after the others, plus two departed.) The only difference in the 112th is in makeup of female-held seats. One GOP female senator will join, and one Democratic senator will not return. The house was near the same. Nine new GOP women will enter and ten Democratic women depart. One additional Democratic woman won a formerly male seat, so the female caucus size remains the same. The added diversity of views on the female side, plus a Hispanic female GOP member simply sweeten the female house stew. No, women gained in congress; their numbers just didn't increase. Expect one or two to make their way in later during the 112th's term.

Katie Ziegler

Thanks, Mart! You are of course correct. I drafted that post at a time when some races weren't finalized and it looked as though the numbers could go the other way. We'll make the correction.

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