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January 26, 2011


Elle Kynzer

We need more female governors.

Gail Johnson

Boldly going into an undiscovered universe, the trailblazing governors shattered the myth that women were too weak to succeed in politics and effectively lead state government.

Courage, intelligence, and integrity are their defining characteristics. Glittering like diamonds on the dark surface of politics, these six women believed politics was an instrument of service.

Who are the six remarkable women who blazed a trail to the governor’s office? They are: Connecticut’s Ella Grasso (1975-1980); Washington’s Dixy Lee Ray (1977-1981); Kentucky’s Martha Layne Collins (1983-1987; Vermont’s Madeleine May Kunin (1985-1991): Oregon’s Barbara Roberts (1991-1995); and New Jersey’s Christie Todd Whitman (1994-2001).

Gail Johnson

The book--Trailblazing Governors: Six Remarkable Women--is now available!. (ISBN-13: 978-1466277694)
It tells the stories of six women from the first generation of women governors elected between 1974 to 1994. Their achievements are important historically and they reveal what it is like to actually govern. Their wisdom and lessons learned will be of use to any who seeks to lead a political life.

It can be found at online, at your local bookstore or at
More information can be found at:

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