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January 12, 2011


Andy Fish

Thanks very much for the mention in your recent posting, but it requires correction: Legislative Information Services of America (LISA) does provide online access to full-text legislation in the 50 states (plus Washington D.C.) along with tracking, alerts and the other standard 50-state services. You were correct, however, in setting LISA apart from the other 50-state providers. This difference: LISA provides real-time reporting, often within seconds, of floor activity in chambers across the country. On the LISA screen users can see the status of all 100 chambers (49 bicameral and 2 unicameral), perform the only search with context in the industry and connect seamlessly to the in-depth resources of the top single-state providers in the country. We look forward to the convention this year and the opportunity to show the difference between replication and innovation.

Andy Fish
President & CEO
Legislative Information Services of America

Jo Anne Bourquard

Thanks for your correction, which makes it clear that we do need a scorecard to track the trackers! The reference to 20 states with bill status in real-time on LISA’s home page gave me the mistaken impression that the service was limited to those 20 states. Thanks again for the clarification, especially as we don’t have the space to describe every company’s services in detail.

StateScape Client Relations

StateScape thanks NCSL for this posting, but wanted to clarify that our bullet point belongs under both sections.

StateScape does offer legislative and regulatory tracking in all 50 states, plus DC, the federal government, and Puerto Rico - however, StateScape is unique in that we provide BOTH in-depth research and analysis services as well as one-click tracking solutions. Blending the human touch with real-time technology for 20 years, StateScape offers both consistency and innovation, while rejecting a "one size fits all" approach.


Keith Bell

Hi just a quick note to let you know about our Canadian government affairs monitoring service Policy Monitor Canada.


Thanks for all those professional resources. In addition to your list, I'd like to mention Nimonik, specialized in environmental health and safety legislation tracking. The web application keeps track of United states federal and state legislation :

Note that we also do Canadian EHS legislation tracking for those interested :

I appreciate your kindness to ask for more information.

Beckie Krantz

Thank you for your article. There is another service as well, Legicrawler, which has been providing Internet solutions for government information for more than 20 years. Legicrawler, with its cutting-edge Web 2.0 technology, tracks legislation and regulations in all 50 states, Congress, Canada and the European Union. We provide custom, issues-driven reports and a wide range of software-as-a-service and social networking tools.


Just what I was looking for. Thank you!

Jack Dalton

At last year's ALEC conference I was pitched on a program that would allow me to enter information on my contacts with legislators in a state on bills of interest to us. Since we have staff and contract lobbyists in each state I need a system that will alllow our partners to enter their activity and make oit available to the team.

Andy Paul

You have missed a player in the state legislative tracking arena called Capitol Impact,( based in Atlanta. Capitol Impact offers state organizations (in all 5 states) unique tracking tools to help publish and organize bills for an audience. Capitol Impact has three versions fo their tracking software, one for associations or corporations, one for State and Local Government agencies and one for Professional Lobby firms. Each version provides unique security and communications tools. The State Agency version allows a lobbyists to select bills and assign them to departments then email members of the departments a note listing the bills assigned to them and asking them to review and comment. Comments from all department staff are visible to only other department personnel so that they can see the impact of legislation at each department. The professional system allows a lobbying firm to set up an account for each client, track a bill once and assign it to multiople clients. Lobbyist can add private comments to each client and a unique tracking level to inidcate bill is hot for one client and not for another. And the association version is designed to allow membersto comment on bills and notify the lobbyist that a member has commented. Capitol Impact is also the only firm to integrate tracking tools with grassroots advocacy tools so that one environment can display the issue and allow people to email their legislator about it. For more on the capitol impact tools go to

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