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January 19, 2011


Alfred Speer

I checked LA's page on this site & it was full of errors. I urge others to check their state's page & comment on the OpenGov site. Regrettably one has to register @ OpenCongress to comment.


I'm a developer on the Open State Project, one of the data sources used in (linked incorrectly unfortunately, we're at

Saying nobody uses them was definitely an overstatement- the whole reason to make such a site seems to be that people use them but need something better. "clunky and not up to technical standards" is fair though, as someone who has spent the last year dealing with them, these sites have severe problems and usability concerns.

@Alfred- though I'm not the creator of OpenGovernment, I am interested in any data quality issues as there's hope I might be able to help get them fixed. If you'd like to contact me I'm jturk -at- -- I'd be happy to discuss Louisiana data with you.

David Moore

Hi Pam, thanks for checking out the site, appreciate it. Thanks for your patience with this beta version as we work to optimize our queries for the hundreds of variants of names of the hundreds of legislators newly in our OG database. We'll get it tightened up with crowdsourced help. Re: my quote about state legislature .gov websites, I admit it was a bit hyperbolic, but I stand by my points that we need to open up gov't data to radical transparency & significantly higher usability. I've typed more in response here, hope it's of interest ::

... and thanks from our team again, grateful for the mention.

David Moore

... and a quick follow-up to second what James mentioned above, @Alfred, I'm david at ppolitics d0t org, please do be in touch with the specific issues you're seeing and we'll take a look right away. The info aggregated on OG is all cited to a primary source at one of our data partners, and if there are any discrepancies we'll move energetically to get them fixed & ensure data quality. Happy to chat phone as well at your convenience.


Thanks for all your comments. I use legislative websites all the time, and have seen them become more and more citizen-friendly over the years. I also see movement toward more machine-friendly sites. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens on legislative websites and OG in the future! David, we haven’t gathered 50-state web usage /traffic statistics on legislative websites. We did this post on the Thicket a while ago with a few stats about webcasts. Looking forward to continued conversations.
Pam Greenberg

Website video production

It's difficult to get this sort of opensource legislation over here in the UK -or at least to draw comparisons.. not as many exist over here.... any that you know of?

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