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March 10, 2011


Butch Speer

I had the honor to know, learn from, and be mentored by Ed when I began my journay as Clerk. He shared selflessly and was a wonderful teacher. Ed's stories were always self-effacing but wonderfully educational.
When I was invested as ASLCS President I donned the "I'm an Ed Head" tee shirt to show my love and respect. A lion has passed we should all stand and salute Ed Burdick.
Butch Speer

Diane Bell

As an associate in ASLCS, I too had the honor to know and learn from Ed. He was always there if you had a question and always made "us associates" feel like there were no dumb questions about anything parliamentary or otherwise.

I agree with Butch's description, "a lion has passed"...he certainly was and will always be a legend. We will miss him.

Judy Hall

I would like to add my admiration for Ed along with many others. His stories were legend and my memories of him include his "history 101" course on parliamentary procedure and his long-time friendship with George MacMinn fron Victoria. Just watching them share stories at our annual meeting was the best entertainment ever. He will be truly missed by us all.

George MacMinn, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, BC, Canada

A dear friend and a great Clerk.

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