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July 13, 2011


Karl Kurtz

Josh Goodman sent the following message:

"Thanks for the post! In my research I found an academic paper from 1966 that described which states used multi-member districts in 1960: Here’s what it said: “Up-to-date figures are difficult to obtain as systems change in efforts to conform to the reapportionment mandate. As of 1960, all of the state senators from Alaska and Arizona and some senators in sixteen other states were elected from multi-member districts. For the election of members of the lower house, Illinois, Maryland, and Washington used multi-member districts exclusively, and thirty-five states employed mixed systems of single and multi-member districts.” Of course, that doesn’t tell you how many multi-member seats there were in the 1960s after Reynolds v. Sims."

The numbers that Josh cites are actually the same as the 1950s data that I posted—the 35 states with mixed systems plus Illinois, Maryland and Washington equals 38. That makes sense because 1960 data are still part of the 1950s redistricting. Hence, I’m still looking for 1960s data.

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