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September 29, 2011



In 2010 and 2011, the Chief Justice of Georgia referred to the state of Georgia as a "democracy" in her state of the judiciary address. A resolution to "inform [the Chief Justice] the State of Georgia is a republic and not a democracy" was filed after each occurrence.

However Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue in 2010 made three separate references to the U.S. and/or Georgia as being a "democracy". No similar resolution was introduced.

Radical Loo

Take a look at the country's current for-profit education system and it'll clear to anyone still questioning whether we're a republic or representative democracy:


@ Karl Kurtz

Without laws to control our election processes then yes, we would be living in a democracy regardless what our constitution requires.

When democracy in any form, even "democratic republic " or "representative "democracy is used to describe our form of government it always comes down to two things. If you do not happen to like the definition of a word, change the definition. And if you repeat a lie often enough, eventually some folks will start believing and help propagate it.

Perhaps it is not a form of government but rather your are marketing

@ GaveltoGavel

"For-profit education system"?!

Where did that cockamamie idea come from?! Should teachers not make a living even though the system needs a bit of fixing?

ZTE Light V9C

Well, fairly speaking I vote for Republic..

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