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November 17, 2011


Karl Kurtz

Steven T. James, clerk of the Massachusetts House, asked me to post this comment:

"We’ve been paperless here in Massachusetts (House and Senate) for several sessions. The only bills that we print are the original papers, and those are printed only when the initial committee report is made, or if the measure is a late file.

"Bills going to the Governor are, of course, prepared (one copy only) for final passage and signature."

Diane Boyer-Vine

Having particated on the drafting and now enactment committee for the Uniform Electronic Legal Material Act, which deals in part with what happens when law is produced only electronically, paperless processes are of interest.


Paper can be recycled & new trees planted. What will happen to those iPads? Electronics & plastics better that paper?

William Schaeffer

Paperless is the only way to go. Back in 2001 we installed our chamber automation system in the West Virginia House of Delegates. We are now, using the iPad, installing International Roll-Call's (IRC) Chamber Automation System in the Senate and IRC's Committee Automation System in four Standing Committees in the House of Delegates. Using the IRC "Crawler" application we can integrate with the existing state legislative management system in order to retrieve all the required information and documents which pulls the data into the SQL database for the members to have real-time access using the iPad. The Chamber and Committee Automation systems are also integrated with International Roll-Call's voting applications to provide real-time display board information, vote totals, request to speak information and voting data to the members.

Peter Garcia

I think it's a good idea not just because you will save trees but because it's alot more organized.I know you need to recycle the plastic and electronics as they get old ,I think if everyone else is using the ipads what's the difference of them using it as well. They are eventually gonna do it anyway's......

Sean McGrath

Electronic is clearly the future path for legislatures but I would urge all States to consider the legisprudence issues that "born digital" raises.

The UELMA is a great start but there are hard problems that need solutions before provenance and authenticity in a purely digital world gets to where it needs to get to.

The good news is that there are viable solutions based on automated provenance tracking and tamper evident storage that can be designed into legislative workflows.

The technology is there. What is needed now is a reference legislative informatics architecture and guidelines to help those on the road to going paperless.

Sean McGrath,

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