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November 01, 2011



Hi, Karl.

Technically, New York also remains in regular session, having only adjourned at the call of the respective chamber leaders. This is common practice.

When session ends, rather than adjourning Sine Die, the leaders adjourn at their call which enables them to call their chamber back, without Executive Proclamation, at any time to pass legislation. Both the Speaker of the Assembly and Temporary President of the Senate adjourn session Sine Die minutes before they convene the next session. That is, if next year's session begins on January 6th 2012, the leaders adjourn the 2011 session on January 6th 2012.

As mentioned above, remaining in regular session enables the leaders to call their chamber back without Executive Proclamation, which is a powerful tool to retain.

Karl Kurtz

Thanks for the correction and the useful detail on New York, Michael. It's always a bit of a mystery as to how to list a number of legislatures that technically remain in session toward the end of the year but are not actually meeting. My list of legislatures in session is based on State Net's "Daily Session Summary" (, which lists New York as in recess until 11/14/2011.

Marci Wasserman

Let me clarify some terms used in State Net's Session Summary. Our term in Session indicates that a Legislature is meeting at least once a week.

We indicate New York is in recess as they are not adjourned but also not meeting on a regular basis. Our Summary indicates that New York will be out of recess on Nov. 14, 2011.

Karl Kurtz

OK, based on Marci's clarification, in the first paragraph I should have included Illinois, New Jersey, New York and North Carolina in the list of states in regular session. That makes nine states plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico still technically in regular session.

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