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May 09, 2012


Lynn B

All these acronyms will me help with the crossword puzzle.


I've been following AZ politics for too long - when I saw "brb - be right back" in the illustration, my first thought was "brb stands for 'budget reconciliation bill" ".

Here in AZ, BRBs are used to pass changes to law needed to make a budget work because the legislature is barred by the AZ Constitution from slipping changes to law in an actual general appropriations (aka - budget) bill.

They also use BRBs to try to slip through measures that failed, or failed to move, earlier in the legislative session.


Thank you for the comments!

Lynn B: I too enjoy crosswords and I'm glad this list will help.

cpmaz: Thank you for the insight into the BRBs. Quite fascinating and really brings home the point that acronyms can have different meanings in different contexts.

My father read this and corrected me that SOS is not, in fact, an acronym, and was formerly CQD; apparently not an acronym either, but a name for calls made from telegraph lines in the early 20th century. For more info, he recommended:

Pretty neat!

Best to you all and thanks again!

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