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May 04, 2012


Brett Bellmore

I'd point out that we can't really assume, either, that people who don't show up to validate provisional ballots by demonstrating that they have ID fail to do so because they don't have it. They could be marginal voters who just couldn't be bothered. Assuming the proclivity to vote isn't seriously bimodal, the fact that only about half of those who could bother to vote suggests that a large fraction of voters were right on the cusp of not bothering.

I realize this is not a popular position among those who focus on such matters, but I'm not troubled by people failing to vote because they can't be bothered to get/bring ID, register in advance, show up on a particular day, show up at a particular place, follow directions in filling out the ballot, or what have you. Becoming an informed voter is a non-trivially difficult task, and if somebody can't be bothered to leap some comparatively minor hurdles to vote, the chances seem good they couldn't be bothered to complete that task, either, and are just noise in the system.

A minor amount of difficulty in voting amounts to a form of quality control, IOW.

Further, I've noted a remarkable correlation between obsessing about minor impediments to voting, and favoring fairly significant impediments to exercising another civil liberty I'm fond of, gun ownership. Which leads me to believe that I'm not looking at a context free objection to impeding the exercise of civil liberties...

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