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October 22, 2012


Anne Dunn

Perhaps I misunderstood a statment in the article which reads: "Who's responsible for ballot design? Local election officials do the actual layout of ballots, but they do it under specifications set in state law." In Louisiana, ballot design is done at the state level. R.S. 18:551 provides in part that "The secretary of state shall prepare and certify the absentee by mail ballots, the early voting ballots, and the ballots to be used on the voting machines in primary and general elections." There are specifications about how the sec. of state is to do this, but local officials do not prepare ballots in Louisiana.

Wendy Underhill

Anne, thank you for reading this post on ballot design, and for commenting!

I did not know that in Louisiana it is the SOS that is responsible for ballot design. That is unusual. It does make me wonder, are there a few other states where this responsibility lies at the state level? That would be a bit of a research project.


Who made the decision for Florida ballots to list all Republican candidates FIRST? Was that intentional to impact outcome? In many other elections I've participated in, both FL & other states as well as Pres & local elections, the incumbent is always listed first. There is something not quite right about having the current President of the US not listed first.

JT Orlando

Florida law provides that the candidates from the sitting governor's party are listed first in each race. Hence, Romney first, Obama second. Yet another reason we have to get rid of Gov. Voldemort.

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