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January 10, 2013


Ron Binns

Does that count include inconsequential changes, such as the brief flip of the Wisconsin Senate last year after the recall nonsense? No legislative activity occurred after the flip, but they still reorganized the chamber to elect a new President.


Where did you get your information about Maine? The official website says it has only switched five times in that period:

Karl Kurtz

Ron raises a good question. Our data are only from one election to the next and do not include changes in party control that might have resulted from special elections, coalition formation or the like. This explains our count of seven changes in the Maine Senate (Dave's comment). Immediately after the 2000 election, the Maine Senate was tied, as indicated by a footnote on the Maine history website, so we counted that as a party switch from D to tied. The Dems regained control after the 2002 election, so that counted as another switch from tied to D. The Maine web page shows continued D control in 2001-02 (not tied) because of special elections that took place in 2001 and returned the chamber to D control. The tie only shows up in a footnote.

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