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March 05, 2013


Michael G. Fischer

Jan was a fine person and an outstanding professional. She will be missed by everyone who knew her. The contributions she made to both NCSL's civic education programs and Project Citizen will enable her work to live on in all the teachers and students those efforts benefited over the years.

Wendy Madsen

Jan did a wonderful job of inspiring legislators and legislative staff to understand that civic education is a vital component of public outreach by state legislatures. She will truly be missed.

Phil Duncan

Thank you, Karl, for this wonderful remembrance of Jan. She knew how to make civic education both substantive and engaging. So many young people have benefited from her and your work with the Legislators Back to School Program. She will be missed, indeed.

Ted McConnell

Jan was a joy to work with and a joy to know. Her delightful sense of humor and fun enlivened many a meeting and planning session. She was a through professional dedicated to helping each student develop their full potential for informed and engaged citizenship. All who had the opportunity of working with Jan were enriched by the experience. Thank you Karl for this great tribute to a gallant and remarkable colleague.

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