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July 11, 2013


Fran Valluzzo

So sorry to hear of the passing of Alan Rosenthal. He was indeed a "giant in state politics." I met Alan early in my career as an NCSL staffer in the mid-1970's, having worked in the CT legislature for 5 years. However, I learned more about legislatures and state government from Alan than anyone else. One thing I loved about him was his great sense of humor. He once wrote a humorous spoof "ranking" state legislatures called "NICE Legislatures" with those 4 letters standing for specific criteria which I don't recall. He will be missed for both his great intellect and humorous wit.

Larry Morandi

I first learned about Alan in the early '70s. He was working with David Ogle, who would become Director of Legislative Management for the Connecticut General Assembly, on a book entitled "Strengthening the Connecticut Legislature." I read the book as a graduate student in Albany, drove to Hartford with it in tow, knocked on David's door unannounced, introduced myself and said I'd love to work there. A few months later I was hired and began my 40-year legislative career. I owe a lot to that vision and collaboration between the two of them.

Andrea Kailo Pendleton

Alan & I go back to 1966 when he joined Eagleton Institute and I began working there while a freshman at Douglass College. Later, we became colleagues when I worked for NCSL (1978-1983). Since then, I've been lucky to count him as a friend and can think of no one who deserves to be called a "mensch" more than Alan Rosenthal. (Look it up and you will certainly agree!)

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